Wednesday, August 2, 2017

quick write term 3 week 2 2017

Bubble bubble was the sound of lava. "the planet is lava" I said to myself.  I ran across platforms made of dirt and stone. Suddenly I tripped. "woah" I said "ahahh"I screamed below me was lava I was hanging off the edge of a platform. you know what's crazy I was hanging off the edge with one hand."yay I didn't die today" I said in relief.(I was Living on the planet for 1 year). an object picked  me up. BONK the object grabbed  a stick and knocked me out.

I woke up and I was in a cow skin blanket."what happened" I said in a groan."hello my friend you have been rescued by TNW The North Wind. we need your help My name is classified what's yours"said classified.
"g george"I said. "well (george) we need your help"said classified."what do you mean we?"I said confused."sorry I forgot to introduce my team this Is eva,deegan,Isaiah together were the north wind said classified.

"we need you to join our team"said classified.We help hopeless people of this melting world."ok I'll join the team If you give me food first"I said "ok" said classified. "MMM that was superb s classified thank you"I said 2 days later. "eva I need you to go to parkvale and pick up george please"said classified."consider it done"said eva."Ok deegan I need you to break in the most secure  prison and get the hostage and bring him back to the base"said classified."cool"said deegan."toby I need you to help deegan get the hostage.

thank you for reading
George taylor

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