Thursday, May 11, 2017

my autumn term 2 week 2 2017

My AutumnImage result for autumn leave

Everything has changed: The temperature, the grass, the trees. I wear a t -shirt a thermal over it then my school polar fleece. When I scooter to school Every 5 minutes I have to stop and pluck red ,brown ,yellow and orange leaves out of my scooter wheels. When I get to school I walk across the field to the courts. While Im walking on the field I look and find soft crunchy leaves piled up on each other. Then I see the trees. There's only a couple of brown yellowish leaves left on the trees. The wind blows really hard. Then I see all the leaves off the trees just fly up like tie fighters.
I reach the courts. I see Mr Fro cleaning up those brown yellowish leaves on the courts. I put my bag away and my scooter and this is what I see.