Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ryan's funeral recount 2017

Ryan's funeral recount

Journey to Fielding

We hopped on the bus and everyone was chatting about Ryan's funeral so that's where the journey started as we were on the bus the kapa haka boys were practicing Pokarekare ana. It was kind of boring on the bus but we dealt with it so we started to play I dare you, Soon when we stopped playing we arrived in Woodville we played on the playground and most of us stopped to go toilet. An hour later we arrived at the church in Feilding.
As We walked in everyone was teary with tissues in their hands, Wiping away the tears.
Half way through people started to get emotional. Me and Nick and Jake were getting really sad through the service so Jakes mum and dad gave us tissues and hugs.
As the coffin was loaded into the car, Rimu sang a song called Pokarekare ana.
Some people couldn't even sing because they were crying too much.
Then a lady with a basket said take one lavender and place it on Ryan's coffin.

After that was finished we went inside and we got to eat some food that was set up on three tables. They were heaps of plates of food and there were plenty of drinks. Then we got back onto the bus, We sat in our seats and waited for Miss Hill to get on the bus.

We pulled out of Fielding and we started to drive to Woodville. We went past hundreds of wind farms that had windmills in them. We stopped at the same park that we did on the way there. Then it was home from there.

On the bus people started playing this game where they would call out someone’s name then they would have to do a signal of acknowledgement.

Our emotions

Aston: I felt sad at Ryan's funeral I could barely sing
George: I was also crying I was so so sad.
Nick: I was crying at Ryan's funeral and I was really sad I want to go back time.
Jake W: I was really sad because I never got to say a proper goodbye to him.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Calendar art for 2017

hey you! I represent the art shop, come in and buy this once in a lifetime offer
its only $12 I repeat only $12. you will never ever
regret buying one.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

animated name 2017 using scratch

I hope you like this animated name
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What I liked about the task was
making my name spin and go colourful.
What I didn't t like about It was It took a long time.
The challenging bit was to make it bigger and smaller.
I used perseverance by working back to were I was because one of my friends deleted some of my codes on accident.

Friday, September 8, 2017

pong game using scratch

I hope you like my game that I made
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

show me 2017 term 3 week 5

this is my show me  I hope you like it 
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

quick write term 3 week 2 2017

Bubble bubble was the sound of lava. "the planet is lava" I said to myself.  I ran across platforms made of dirt and stone. Suddenly I tripped. "woah" I said "ahahh"I screamed below me was lava I was hanging off the edge of a platform. you know what's crazy I was hanging off the edge with one hand."yay I didn't die today" I said in relief.(I was Living on the planet for 1 year). an object picked  me up. BONK the object grabbed  a stick and knocked me out.

I woke up and I was in a cow skin blanket."what happened" I said in a groan."hello my friend you have been rescued by TNW The North Wind. we need your help My name is classified what's yours"said classified.
"g george"I said. "well (george) we need your help"said classified."what do you mean we?"I said confused."sorry I forgot to introduce my team this Is eva,deegan,Isaiah together were the north wind said classified.

"we need you to join our team"said classified.We help hopeless people of this melting world."ok I'll join the team If you give me food first"I said "ok" said classified. "MMM that was superb s classified thank you"I said 2 days later. "eva I need you to go to parkvale and pick up george please"said classified."consider it done"said eva."Ok deegan I need you to break in the most secure  prison and get the hostage and bring him back to the base"said classified."cool"said deegan."toby I need you to help deegan get the hostage.

thank you for reading
George taylor

about me writing term 1 week 4 2017

This is my about me.I like it because it describes me so well.
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about me term 1 week 11 2017

              About me
 Hello I am George Taylor, my likes are
Rugby ,youtube, Xbox and Netflix. My interests are technology and science.
Next my favourites things are camp kaitawa and  scooters and school. Also my friends are Isaiah, Toby, George Chote, Rihanna and Peninga. My hopes and dreams, getting a jet of my own,getting 10 trillion dollars, and getting a jetpack. I am George Taylor and I am proud!!


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my ten word story term 1 week 11 2017

                                 this is my ten word story
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plastic bags reading term 1 week 11 2017

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maths week 1 term 2 2017

IMG_1859.JPGI learnt how to do he area and that you have to x length x width
I found challenging working it out area and to times it to get the answer.


The perimeter of a rectangular sports field is 240 metres. Draw as many practical fields as you can. At least one of your plans should have a fraction on at least one side. Work out the area of three different fields. Which field would give you the biggest area?

Key vocabulary to understand:
  • Rectangular A 4 sided flat shape

  • Perimeter The outside you could measure in meters m2

  • Metres Big steps 100cm

  • Area The inside you could measure in m2  My highest number was 2700

I worked it out by using multiplying the length by width.

this is my math task 
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Monday, July 31, 2017

how big is the school hall term 2 week 2 2017

this is my math task
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

name tag 2017

      Hello everybody today I made a name tag for my tote tray using graffiti creator
I highly  recemend this if you want to do text to graffiti. thanks for reading bye.

quick write term two week 3 2017

Hello everyone today were doing a quick write 
so here it is.

If I was trapped in a toy store I would first find the security cameras and disconnect the wires so they cant record me.
Then I would find the piece of paper that allows me to get all the toys and the store for free. Once I filed it out I found a hatch were I could crawl through to get to the outside. Once I was out I went to the bank and... Boom!! I have a toy store and the toys in it all to my self. The first thing when I got back was call my brother to invite him over for a Nerf war. After that we got all the tvs and joined them together to make one big TV. Next we got popcorn and blankets and couches and mattresses and coke and we watched movies all night on Netflix. Then we sold the toy store we made 80,00,000,0000,0000,000,1,2,3,3345,555,66675,5333428,75469 $ billion dollars we bout a mansion and lived happily ever after.

That was my quick write hope you liked it leave a comment
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reflection week 6 term 2 2017

reflection week 6

the 8th of June was the best day ever because we got to met the people who do Maori hand games we got to play with whai ( string) and kororo (knuckle bones) what I found challenging was 
E hipitoitoi  I lost every game except one win. I really got to improve on is hei tamatutuma. thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

my autumn term 2 week 2 2017

My AutumnImage result for autumn leave

Everything has changed: The temperature, the grass, the trees. I wear a t -shirt a thermal over it then my school polar fleece. When I scooter to school Every 5 minutes I have to stop and pluck red ,brown ,yellow and orange leaves out of my scooter wheels. When I get to school I walk across the field to the courts. While Im walking on the field I look and find soft crunchy leaves piled up on each other. Then I see the trees. There's only a couple of brown yellowish leaves left on the trees. The wind blows really hard. Then I see all the leaves off the trees just fly up like tie fighters.
I reach the courts. I see Mr Fro cleaning up those brown yellowish leaves on the courts. I put my bag away and my scooter and this is what I see.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

interdependence blog post 2017 term 2

This is a video about interdependence.
The class had to make a rap on what there group did in the
school holidays. And what they experienced  this video shows what my group did.
it also shows perseverance.
I hope you like the video bye bye!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

description 2017 term 1 week 9

Purpose: to inform
WALT describe with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm with words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, hear, smell)
  • Includes strong descriptive words (adjectives)
  • Uses the present tense

Examples: Bamboo Forest / Scene Description by Dylan / Scene Description by Sophia

Writing Task: Describing a special place in Hawke’s Bay
Lue’s lookout

My Quick Plan: bright lights,dark,squishy wet dirt,windy,the wood creaks,
Trees, bushes
Image result for lou's lookout

Lou’s lookout : A Special Place In Camp Kaitawa.

There is lots of laughter when we arrive at lou’s lookout. Everybody is shining there headtorches when we set off to find lou’s lookout. There was brown as chocolate syrup mud,the trees look like christmas trees everybody felt festive. Sharp as a dagger sticks poke out of the trees. One person slips on the chocolate syrup mud and doesn't seem to care. We all copy purposely and start laughing our brains out. Suddenly We see a couple of wooden planks lend up to something I looked up and it was lou’s lookout!! We went to look at the beautiful view in groups. The view was amazing! Bushes high and low. You could see the clear blue lake. Hills for miles and miles. It was the most hideous In a good way sight I've ever seen in my lifetime. And the platform you stand on makes your tummy rumble It's that high! It looked like the whole world lakes and oceans were right in front of me. That sight was the most scrumches sight I've ever seen.

Thank you for reading my story.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

waka art first blog post 2017

This here is a waka paddle. We had to do them by asking other people to write something they know about me. like im nice ,funny ,awesome and it goes on and on. that is my waka paddle.

As you see here there are two sides yellow and blue. The blue side is my dad's side and the yellow is my mums and what you see around them is what that like. and in the middle is my family, dads family ,and mums family.

thank you for looking at this blog post
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