Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PE blog post term 4 week 4 2016

Hello again this is a blog post about my PE. I am in the Pacific group. Every time we do PE we do rotations of different tasks. My favourite rotation was skipping whats yours? I like skipping because its kind of running and jumping at the same time.I like running because its a good way to get fit and make your muscles stronger.

We do Skipping! 

and Running!

and jumping (long jump and others)!

I hope you like this blog post stay fit!
Please comment if you like this post.
Bye bye.


  1. well done George you did such a good job

  2. hi George I like your p.e blog post because I like your photo.

    1. hi its me George the master at jumping !!!!!!!

  3. Nice post George, I like how your jumping in the photo its looks funny! I also like how you explained wich sports we did.

  4. it looks like your going to face plant

  5. cool i love you're work kipe fit