Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Essay compere and contrast term 4 week 4

This here is my essay. It is a piece of writing that compares the differences and similarities
from two different animals, mammals and others. I hope you like the essay and leave a comment below if you liked it. Thanks for reading. Bye Bye.

Essay Success Criteria- George
  • Uses scientific vocabulary
  • Revised and edited
  • Accurate paragraphs with subheadings
  • Essay structure followed
  • No personal pronouns
  • Factual
  • Detailed ideas
  • Sentences- different lengths and beginnings
  • Optional personal goal

Introduction:Fish and humans are very different in the appearance.

You look at a fish right so let’s just describe it. It can be very small, has gills,and fins.(Goldfish). All fish have those things. The fishes are either big or small and  have small or big fins, gills ,mouths or eyes. Fish do not have privates but they do pee. Fish urinate through their gills.They poop too.  

Humans look very different from the fish appearance. They have hair on their head, have 5 fingers on their hands, feet have 5 toes on each foot, two legs on each foot, two arms on each hand. They also have one penis (boy) and girls have vaginas. Humans poop through their bum. Humans urinate through their penis (boy) or vagina (girl).

Both fish and humans have their bones in the inside (vertebrates), as opposed to some bugs and insects which are invertebrates (bones on the outside).

Humans are a species. There are five types of species of humans that have been recorded over time. 66 million years ago the race of the caveman came around. And of course the stone and ice age came when the cavemen exited.   

Fish have approximately 30,000 species. Fish are certainly found in the ocean.The fish race began 510 million years ago. Then died because the ice from the ice age froze the water. Then 377 million years after the ice age came the race of fish continued.

The longest fish ever recorded is the oarfish , which was 50 feet long. The oarfish is found in the Mediterranean Sea. It is much bigger than a human.

Fish and humans are the same in some ways but very different.

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