Monday, September 5, 2016

learning post week 7 term 3 2016

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Graph countries and medals  Preview of your graph

  1. Usa has the most medals.153 medals
  2. New zealand has the least medals. 38 medals
  3. Australia is very close to beating usa. Australia 142 medals ,usa has 153 medals
  4. England is in third place. With 112 medals.

Number stories
  1. The difference between new zealand and italy

2. The difference between usa and australia

3.the difference between japan and italy  82-67=18
4. The difference between usa and england 153-112=41

  Preview of your graph

  • Thursday was the hottest day it was over 30 degrees.
  • Friday was the second coldest day 12 degrees .
  • Tuesday was warm 18 degrees
  •  Wednesday is the coldest day 5 degrees.

Number stories
  1. The difference between monday and  thursday
       2.The difference between tuesday and friday
          18-12 =6

3.the difference between wednesday and thursday


4.the difference between monday and wednesday
                27-18 =11

I hope you learnt something
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