Monday, July 4, 2016

learning post week 8 term two 2016

Perimeter Practice Stage 6

Work out the area of these shapes:

Draw quick sketches of these shapes and then work out their area:

5. A rectangle with a length of 34cm and a width of 7cm. 238cm 2

6. A rectangle with a length of 20cm and a width of 12cm. 240cm 2

7. A square with sides of 20cm. 400cm 2

8. A square with sides of 15m.125 m 2

9. A rectangular swimming pool with a width of 16m and a length of 20m. 310m 2

10. A rectangular sandpit with a width of 9m and a length of 24m. 216 m 2

11. A rectangular paddock with a length of 80m and a width of 60m. 480 2

12. The area of this shape (you will have to work out the missing side):
top one is 12 mm wide.the bottom one is 17 mm wide.the end one is 6 mm.
13. The area of this shape:

44 m 2 .

here is my math task for week 8. i learnt to work out a task from a higher math grade. 

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