Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Biopoem 2016 week 10

This is a bio-poem  - in it you write all about you. Like I am a tv lover or a gamer like me.  
This is what I wrote in mine.

Tv lover, sporty, gamer 
Brother of Jasmine and Lila and brother Caleb.
Son of Scott, Tina. 
Lover of rugby, school, and WWE.
Who fears bees, heights , death.
Who needs a good house, dogs, and money.   
Who wishes for more money, really good health, and more friends.   
Who would like to see Insomnia, Paris, the diamond Minecraft. 
Who gives hugs to my mum and dad, time to play with my brother and to love everyone I meet.
Citizen of Havelock North, New Zealand.


I hope that you like my bio-poem
Post a comment if you did like it
George Out

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