Thursday, March 31, 2016

iPROUD 2016 week 9

My Best Learning

This is my best task  

Camp letter

18 Tilapia Place
Havelock North

Dear Eden

Thank you so much for coming to camp and giving time off work to come to camp. I really appreciate it. Thank you  for driving me and the boys everywhere. Thank you so much for setting the fire up for Rimu and cooking our deserts.

My favorite thing was making desserts My one was the banana split. A banana cut longways then stuff it with marshmallows and chocolate chips then you wrap it in tin foil  2 or 3 layers. when I have desserts like this It grosses me out on the first bite and then it's okay.

My second favorite thing was the riverwalk. I know I was not in your group but it was still fun. The fun part of it was the deep parts of the river and the current was quite fun as well.
And when I got out I still felt the current pushing on my legs.

Another thanks for coming to camp and giving time off work to help us with camp. And thanks for driving me to camp and to everywhere where we had to go.Thanks for coming on camp.

Thank you
George Taylor.

I am proud of this because It took a long time to make.
My biggest challenge was punctuation because it is tricky for me..

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