Thursday, March 31, 2016

free choice learning task 2016 week 8

The bamboo forest

Once I walked into the bamboo forest I saw trees And leaves And the smoothest bamboo you ever saw. There were loads of children making  noise.It looks fun it sounds fun BUT it's Dangerous because you can get knocked over by the running kids playing running games. When someone gets injured A teacher blows a whistle and all the kids run out of the bamboo forest and sit at the teacher's feet.

And the teachers say to all of the kids (“who made this person cry?”) the teachers gives us a warning and tells us don't do it again.

The bamboo felt hard and smooth.The ground felt squishy because the wet dew from the trees and the dirt makes mud that's why the ground was squishy. I felt the leafs they felt like soft rubber and wet paper because of the dew going on to the leaf.I felt my legs and arms and they were slippery and wet because too much bug repellent. Because the mosquitos are sucking my blood to death.

I could smell bug repellent all round and bugs on the ground. And the trees and the bushes.

I could taste the bug repellent in the air. Everywhere I go is bug repellent in the air.

The Bamboo Forest is a great place you just have to be peppered with bug repellent, and friends to play with. Thank you for reading this.

Thank You
George Taylor.