Thursday, November 12, 2015

term 4 2015 week 5

I am blogging this because this is my writing, I like it because it was challenging and I love a challenge.
We are learning to write a retell

  • to tell (a story) again, especially in a different way
  • has main parts of story
  • beginning / middle / end
  • include your own special touches to entertain


MY STORY: the boy who cried wolf
                     the boy who cried fight

Once upon a time there was a Park vale School student called George who sat down on a seat board out of his mind to cheer himself up he shouted “Fight” “Fight!” and all the other students
came to see what was happening. they saw no fight he  laughed they said “don't call us if there's not a fight!” said the other students so they walked back to their classrooms.

He kept chuckling so he did it again “fight fight!” George shouted again. and all the students came out again he was laughing so hard that he almost cried. They said again “don't call us if there's not a fight how many times do we have to tell you” they wandered back to class disappointed. 5 minutes later there was a real fight.

So George called  again “Fight Fight!” but they didn't come because they thought they were being tricked again so he tried to break it up but  he got punched so George was knocked out. when the students woke me up they said “ you should not of tricked us in the first place”they said. So he said “I won't do it again.”

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