Tuesday, August 4, 2015

School holidays Term three week Two

                                                              In the holidays

                                          Ring ring ring ring my alarm clock rang. "Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"!! "School holidays" I shouted "Ooh    that's right I have to go to my naans place. Or maybe it will be fun. Yay  I just remembered I am going to the snow with my grandpa tomorrow I wonder what will happen today" Vrrrrrrrrrroooommmmm! "Okay  were here"Said mum "yeehooo"Said naan "hello George Caleb and Jasmine and Lila"Said naan excitedly "hello naan Said George Caleb and Jasmine. twenty six minutes later... "Okay we are heading off so take care and    have good time"Said mum and dad. Barroom!!. "Okay do you want to go to the warehouse and get some games like jenga , connect four , guess who. What do you say!"
said Nan "Okay"said all of us "Yay lets go then"said Nan."said Nan  Room!!  "okay were here"I said.  Bang I closed the door firmly. Ding dong we entered the shop. "Go to the game ill."I said "Here it is connect four" said Nan "I found jenga"I said. and my sister found guess who. "Okay lets get some movies the ones under twenty dollars"Said Nan.  "Okay I will have these ones the movies in one awesome!!"I said excitedly.  My sister got a littlest pet shop movie. And my brother got a batman movie "boring!!"I said. "Okay who wants some lollies just for a treat"Nan said. I got some gum. My sister got some gum as well. And my brother got  given some lollies from Nan.
When we got home it was five o clock at night we started watching  movies and play games we started with jenga. Then connect four. Two hours later it was seven o clock so we all went to bed and got tucked in by Nan and pop and we fell asleep after five minutes. And after five hours the new day began.

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