Friday, August 14, 2015

Jamie Curry script Term Three week 4

I am blogging this because I am learning to inform and to make a script. I am also learning about Jamie Curry's scripts.

Props: Bed, milk , bowl , weetbix , hot water.

Setting: bedroom , kitchen

Characters: Jamie Curry , Jamie's dad

Problem/event: Jamie doesn't want to get out of bed.

Mood: angry, frustrated

Jamie’s dad:Get out of bed you are going to be late for school. Dad shakes the sheets to get Jamie out of bed. Jamie’s dad forces Jamie to get out of bed and to make her breakfast.

Jamie’s dad: Get your breakfast now! Get the bowl out!. Put the weetbix in the bowl!. Poor in the hot water!. Poor in the milk! Get a teaspoon and scoop the sugar out of the container!.

Jamie: Okay! okay okay okay okay. You don't  have to shout. I'm right here.

Jamie's dad: Anyway eat your breakfast and hop in the car.   

Jamie:(sigh) I hate these kind of mornings.Jamie gets in to the car. (door slams shut )