Thursday, May 28, 2015

week 5 term two blog post : trench letter


                                                    I am doing this blog post for writing groups  

Friday, May 15, 2015

hand art week three term two

this is my hand art i did this because i like art and i like colours.

week four term two blood story

 We were starting a blood story  its about a time
that blood came out of your body and its just like a moment in time a moment in time is like a time  in the past that your writing it like its happening right now.

“Let me out I know I'm locked In my room I'm  out the window mum was holding the window door shut dam It!!” Creak I climb on the toy box arrrrrrh SMASH!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I punched the window my arm is gushing with blood mum and dad rushed In. They ran to the phone.  “One one one come to thirteen Norton rd have lock north get the towels Hun. Hold the towels on to George's arm”Shouted mum we!!or!! we!! or!! we!! or!! the ambivalence arrives. She calms me down “Were here” Says the driver sick k an ad injection  puts me to sleep. Beep beep beep beep beep beep “His heart is fine his arm is going to need stitches and a cast for about six or seven months is that okay ”Says the doctor “Yes that's fine”said mum. My arm is ok now but I do have a scar.

Friday, May 8, 2015

menu blog post week three

    I am blogging this because we were learning last week  how to write a menu so i picked the menu.
We were learning to write a menu with hook the reader in in the menu

Hi and welcome to the giants restaurant its the most fine restaurant ever built if you ask me i would rate it five stars.and the best part of my restaurant is that you don't even need a book menu because all you need is any device to get your menu going connect to the restaurant Bluetooth look for the menu and put in your table number in the box in the front and tap what you want and wait one second and the order that you made will magically fall into your hands .                                                                                                          


main menu
rice lezato $21.oo
icey ice cream with melted chocolate fudge $ 4.oo
the most juicy steak ever  made $ 23.oo
puffy smooth pancakes with cream on top  $ 5.oo
the best burgers $5.oo
melted chocolate with fudge cake  $ 5.oo
sorcery spaghetti $ 6.oo
ice cream spider with goody goody gumdrops $5.oo
                     kid menu

cheesey burger  $ 5.oo         

minesey  tarko $7.oo

pasta with cheese sorese $7.oo  

chicken nuggets $ 7.oo
spaghetti bolognaise $ 7.oo

sorcery   spaghetti $ 7.oo

coke $2.oo
orange juice $4.oo
coke life  $2.oo
sprite $ 5.26c           
fanta $ 2.oo        
raspresey  $2.oo


Friday, May 1, 2015

week two term two free choice learning post


                      This week I am doing on and off the train. Its about adding on and subtracting from the number that it tells you to. I am using my math skills to solve the hard word problems.