Tuesday, February 17, 2015

week 2: the weetbix triathlon

I just started the race i was swimming so fast  like a moter  2 laps  of the pool  then  ran up the steps and ran like a charging bull. i got to my bike put on my socks and shoes then put on my helmet i rode one big lap next i hoped off and i ran and ran and ran and ran and ran finally i finished and got my medal an hour later at prize giving i was one number away from getting a tablet. the triathlon finished me and my mum went home
that is the story of my tryathlon

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  1. George, this is an amazing piece of writing! You have so many adjectives, and you have even compared how you were feeling to real life things. My favourite part is when you say that you "ran like a charging bull" - this is awesome and really paints a picture in the readers mind.
    You should be very proud of this piece of writing!